Nine Mountains to conquer amid of cloud and mist

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Most of the people are baffled to travel to certain destinations, which are wild and natural, as soon as the first drop of monsoon rain is coming. They are worried about catching rain and getting into the troubles in a wet atmosphere. Therefore, they choose cities as their trips instead of choosing trekking or something like this.

This time, I choose a trekking tour that is suitable in the raining season, and offer you adventurous experiences, in amid of cloud and mist. Moreover, you would have a chance to explore the social life of local people.

This trekking route is what I had passed through last year and it is one of the routes which were found by our great Trekking master U Oo. It is a special route for the raining season and I’m fond of it so much. Therefore, I had decided to try it again, it is the Nine Mountains Trekking Route.

By the way, it is Nine Mountains Trekking what I had already passed last year, and did also this year, and so, the photographs might be mixed but the clothes will be different. I wish all of you to understand this.

Now, let’s go to conquer the Nine Mountains together with me.

What are the Nine Mountains?

Many people think of hardship to try this trip, as soon as they heard of Nine Mountains. You see, it is Nine Mountains. However, you don’t need to ascend the entire nine mountains practically. The first mountain takes you nearly one hour to pass through but, all of the rest isn’t too much hard to conquer, they are in range. Therefore, it is a trekking Route, with several ups and downs, and what a normal person, who is in good health, and takes exercise regularly, can do it.

It is also a boundary line between Mandalay and Shan State. The mountains from Mandalay's side and the mountain range of Shan Roma will pacify you naturally. Moreover, if you trek the Nine Mountains in monsoon, you would see paddy field in a ladder shape, from nearby villages, endlessly till the horizon. That’s why it is the best route of trekking in the raining season.

How to get Nine Mountains?

Firstly, you had to get the Kalaw townships, if you want to make trekking of the Nine Mountains. From Yangon, the main way to Nine Mountains is by cars. If you take Yangon-Taung Gyi bus, either special or ordinary bus, at night, you would be arrived Kalaw in the early morning, about 5 am. As soon as you are at the Kalaw, U Ye group will fetch you at the bus stop, if you made a booking with them for the Nine Mountains trekking. After that, you would be brought to the hostel or U Ye’s home, to rest and clean yourself.

For breakfast, U Ye organized the trekkers at around 7 am, and then, brings and treats them at the Kalaw’s market. Guys who want military boot can buy at Kalaw’s market at once. After we had finished our meals, getting ready and start our trip to a village, located at the base of the mountains, to conquer the Nine Mountains.

Conquering the Nine Mountains  

It takes you about 20 minutes by car from the Kalaw to the base camp village, where the starting point of Nine Mountains trekking. At the village, U Ye explains to the travelers what are dos and don’ts for climbing. Then, we are getting ready for the trekking.

As I said above, you need to hike nearly one hour to pass through the first mountain. As usual, I’m the last one, who takes photographs, rests and climb alternatively, arrives at the peak of the mountain. At the peak, you can see both Mandalay territory and terrain of Shan State, and never fail to take photographs at the peak of the first mountain.

After the first one, the other mountains aren’t too steep but several ups and downs along the route. To my knowledge, the fifth and sixth are the highest among them. At some place, you would find it hard to descend, and so, you need to take care not to be a slip.  

At the end of the mountain range, you had to pass the cliff and you can see canyon on the other side. It is such thrilling. In those mountains, mostly, you would see a grove of pines. You can also explore wild orchids and flora there.

When we are descending the Nine Mountains, at the entrance of a village, where we are to have our lunch, we are to pass pine forest again, and it is a bonus for conquering the nine mountains. However, if you want to make the route of descending ninth-mountain as another view to savor, passing through the pine forest, you can choose another way.

View of Kalaw’s countryside, beautiful in the paddy field

After we passed through the nine mountains, we arrived at the village, where we are to have lunch. A fascinating thought, what I thought is a view of local people working on the farm and their simple smile, occurred in my mind while I’m trekking in some villages near Kalaw.

The monastery, where we are to have lunch, is located in the middle of the village. For lunch, what U Ye provided us is so special. To say how much I like those curries, whenever I arrived at the Kalaw, I asked for U Ye to treat those curries, although I’m not trekking. You can see those curries in the following photographs. After having lunch, we can take a rest about one hour at the monastery.

Around 2 pm, we continued our trip to a village, where we are to sleep overnight. The view, which we can see as soon as we left the village, is the panorama of nine mountains, and they are in ranges of ups and downs. Anyway, we can say, we did it, seeing those mountains.

I would like to tell you why the Nine Mountains is the best Trekking Route in raining season; it is endless paddy fields, which are in a ladder shape, we can see along the way from the village, where we had lunch, to the village, where we are to sleep overnight. As far as I know, they cultivate the rice only in the raining season, by irrigating the water, in the form of ladder cultivation. In the middle of August, all the paddy fields are grown so green and refreshing to the viewers.

It is a horizontal way, passing through the paddy fields, and so, I didn’t feel tiresome although it took me 3 hours to get the village, where we are to sleep overnight. In this way, we had arrived in the village at about 5 pm.

At the village, we slept

Whenever we make trekking the Nine Mountains, the village where we sleep overnight is Ywar Pu village. The population of the village is about 20 households. Near the village, not only local travelers but also foreign trekkers, who make long trekking, take rest there. When we arrive at the village, we put down our packages and backpacks, take shower and rest, waiting to have dinner.

As usual, the trekking of U Ye is to have dinner San Gaw rice, which is many foods and curries are put together in a tray, that is made of bamboo. Although I’m on diet, I always have one more plate of rice, in every trekking of U Ye.

Besides, you, who can’t bear the chilly of high land, can drink traditional alcohol; strong drinks which are distilled from rice are available.

Return from Nine Mountains and neighbor of Kalaw

It is me, who never fail to see the sunrise, wherever I arrived, and so, I woke up early morning at about 5 am the next morning. But, they said that the sun at the Ywar Pu village can be seen at about 7 am. Anyway, I didn’t give up. I took photographs in the paddy fields of the village, amid of misty morning. And then, I had breakfast at home, where we slept, we left the village at about 7:30 am.

It took me nearly two hours by foot from the Ywar Pu village to Myin Ma Hti village. However we had to walk in hours, we had chit-chatting, taking photographs, and therefore, I don’t feel it took us too long.

A car they provided, which to take us to the Kalaw fetched our trekking group at the Myin Ma Hti village. From the Myin Ma Hti village, it took us about 30 minutes to get Kalaw. As soon as we had arrived at the Kalaw, they arranged for each of us to return our respective hostel or hotel.

Is the Nine Mountains trekking package finished here? Not yet. We are to take photographs around the Kalaw townships. It is a nice idea to take photographs of the picturesque townships after we had conquered the mountains. What else is there?

If you want to conquer the Nine Mountains amid of mist 

The first thing we should note is the Nine Mountains trekking is a particular route for the raining season. During the raining season, the paddy fields are so pretty and I had walked in the so green paddy field twice, and so, I can tell you they are more pretty even at the end of the season.

If you want to hike, ascend and conquer the Nine Mountains amid of mist, you can make contact our Kalaw’s great trekker U Ye, on the phone. The Nine Mountains trekking tour is available every weekend days regularly, and during the week and you organized over 6 persons, they would arrange it. You can see the discount and other interesting things at the U Ye’s page, he updates it in a timely fashion. And so, check and make a booking quickly.

Details Information of U Ye

Phone - 09258310379


Dos and Don’ts for Nine Mountains

There are always dos and don’ts in climbing mountains and trekking, which must be noted and care about to a certain extent.

  1. Firstly, you need good stamina. The Nine Mountains is ok for the people, who do regular exercise, but some people who have a heart condition and can’t bear tiresome, are better not to choose this route.
  2. For clothes, the less is the better, but arrange what makes you warm. If there is raining heavily at night, it is cold. When you are ascending the mountain, you can wear light attires. But, you may need to wear trousers while walking, if you afraid of cutting by wild grass.
  3. In the mountains, there are some places, where MPT and MYTEL services can be accessed. But, they are hardly workable in the village.
  4. Foods and drinks should be arranged for your ration. Some wet tissue or hand jell should be brought along with you.
  5. For the photographers, you need a good power bank, which can store a large amount of ampere. You can’t power up your pieces of equipment at the villages, where you are to sleep overnight.
  6. You can give some snacks to the children, but do not give them money. Moreover, do not trespass in the precinct of others. Do listen to whatever the local guide instructs you.
  7. Do be disciplined and don’t litter en route and bring back your waste material. If you don’t want to bring back, you can make a fire with them. If you start a fire in the wood, please take care of it and extinguish it when you leave that place. And don’t break the flora and branches.

Ok, I expected that you do understand the Nine Mountains to a certain extent, now. If you want to experience the unique beauty of Kalaw townships, according to the respective season, by trekking in the forest, if so, the Nine Mountains package is the best trekking in the raining season.

The Nine Mountains trekking is for travelers, who love the adventurous experience, natural environment, and avid to learn countryside’s knowledge; moreover, the climbers who love the mountaineering, seeing flora and fauna along the route. Therefore, please be disciplined, care for the environment, and pay due and mutual respect to the local people.

Let’s discover the hidden beauties of Myanmar and sustain our natural environment.

Have a nice and happy trip all.


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Nine Mountains to conquer amid of cloud and mist
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