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Loi-Sam-Sip Hello! If you are kind of person who love to try the traditional foods, there are many different kinds of Myanmar traditional ethnic foods are waiting for you to enjoy. Of course! When you want to taste their traditional cuisines, you must go to the area at first. If you don’t have enough time to travel the whole country to enjoy their traditional foods, you don’t need to worry. Just come to Yangon! You can enjoy almost all of the traditional ethnic foods within the city since it is the biggest city of Myanmar and many ethnic people stay in Yangon and offer their traditional foods. Now, I want to introduce the Shan traditional foods. Shan division is the biggest division of Myanmar and most popular ethnic cuisines among both locals and foreigners. Their traditional Shan noodle is one of the most popular breakfast menus among the customers. If you want to try other tasteful Shan traditional food, I would like to recommend you to this Shan restaurant called Loi Sam Sip.

Loi Sam Sip is situated in No. 31, Shin Saw Pu Road, Sanchaung Township, Yangon. It is near from the Asia Royal Hospital which is one of the most famous private hospitals in Yangon.

Loi-Sam-Sip When you walk into the restaurant, you can see the decoration full with the culture of Shan ethnic group. The decoration is adorable and you can see the Shan traditional items like long sword, traditional hats and lantern. The restaurant has two floors and smoking is allowed at the ground floor which is the open area. But the first floor is air-conditioning room so you can’t smoke inside of the room. All the staffs are wearing the Shan traditional dresses. You can also buy the Shan traditional dresses, foods and other souvenirs at Loi Sam Sip. One interesting fact of the restaurant is all the staffs are well trained to welcome the foreign customer groups with Shan traditional dances and music.


Loi-Sam-Sip Loi-Sam-Sip You can enjoy various kinds of beer brands like Myanmar, Tuborg, Carlsberg, Heineken and Corona. (Beer tower can be enjoyableexpect Corona and 1 beer tower contains 10 cups of beer). They also offer the Shan traditional alcoholic drinks, known as “Khaung Yay”, which is very rare to find in Yangon. They offer three kinds of “Khaung Yay” which are rice based, herbal based and jackfruit based. Rice based fragmentation Khaung Yay is the strongest one, herbal based fragmentation Khaung Yay is good for health and jackfruit based fragmentation Khaung Yay is the mildest taste with good aroma. Among them, jackfruit based fragmentation Khaung Yay is popular among ladies. The customers can try the real taste of Shan Traditional liquors before having their meals. Not only this, they also offer the wines that are came from Chili, Australia, Italy and Romania. If you don’t drink alcohol, you can try San Cho Aye (the Shan traditional juice) which has a fresh taste.

Set and Package menus

Loi-Sam-Sip Loi-Sam-Sip The Mini Dinner Set is enough for 3 people which included the Steamed Fish, Steamed Mushroom, Steamed Green Mustard, Fried Shan Kaw Poat (White & Black), Pounded Mutton, Mashed Potato in Shan Style, Grilled Prawn, Stem Lettuce Salad, Fried Chicken Wrapped in Pandan Leaf, Swan Htam Curry with Pork Belly, Hot and sour Shan Green Mustard Soup with Chicken, Shan Liquor (1 Pot) and San Cho Aye (1Pot). If you have 3 more accompanies, you should try the Normal Dinner Set because the dishes are more than mini you can enjoy the various kinds of Shan traditional foods in same time. 6 people can enjoy the Normal Dinner Set well. It includes the Steamed Fish, Steamed Mushroom, Steamed Green Mustard, Fried Dried Tofu, Fried Shan Kaw Poat (White & Black), Fried Chicken Wrapped in Pandean Leaf, Stir Fred Dried Pork Offals, Fried Chicken in Southern Shan Style (KyateDokeKha), KhamtKhoe (Pork/Chicken), Pounded Mutton, Mashed Potato in Shan Style, Swam Htam Curry with Pork Belly. Grilled Prawn, Grilled Pork Neck, Steamed Eggs, Pounded Banana Bud, Beef Chitins Salad, Hot and Sour Shan Green Mustard Soup with Chicken. For the drinks, the Set Menu includes Shan Liquor (1 Pot) and San Cho Aye (1 Pot). You can choose the set menus according to the size of your group. I can assure that you will definitely satisfy with what you choose.

Special Dishes

Loi-Sam-Sip The menus can be classified like the appetizer, main course, pounded meats & vegetables, salad, vegetable, soup and one portion menus. If you don’t want to consider so much which meal is suitable with what soup, I recommend you to choose the one portion menus.

Loi-Sam-Sip As a person who is Thai style food lover, this person like Basil Curry with Rice in there. It is little spicy but the taste is so amazing.

Loi-Sam-Sip Loi-Sam-Sip In the main course menu, there are varieties to choose. But as my opinion, “Deep Fried fish with Tamarind Sauce” is the best dish that I had ever tried. The fish meat is crispy and it is best match with the tamarind sauce they serve. Nobody can say that the sauce isn’t the main point of the dish.

Loi-Sam-Sip Loi-Sam-Sip Loi-Sam-Sip If you are seafood lover, “Deep fried SoftShell Crab” will be for you. In pounded menus, I recommend you to try the Pounded Banana Bud and Pounded Fried Dried Mutton. Of course! I shouldn’t miss to mention about the soup and vegetable dishes. I recommend you to try “Mixed Vegetables with Sizzling Rice Soup”. The taste of the soup is quite special and the aroma of the roasted rice powder is perfectly matched with the mixed vegetables.

Loi-Sam-Sip As Shan Noodle is one of the famous foods in there, not only the local customers but also the foreign customers from Asia & Europejust come to the restaurant for this dish. It was only in the breakfast menu but the restaurant tries to sell it any time of the day according to the customer request.

SHOP INFORMATION: https://mingalago.com/en/restaurant/detail/loi-sam-sip


Loi Sam Sip -Shan traditional foods-
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