Padah-Lin Cave

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Do you believe that there is a cave which has shreds of evidence of stone-age human dwelled in it, in Myanmar? I would like to present the cave, which is called “Padah-Lin Cave” and it is also a protected area of Myanmar ancient culture zone, located in Ywar Ngan townships, which has natural beauty. Now it is one of the interesting places for international tourists.

Padah-Lin Cave

The Padah-Lin Cave is situated above 1000 feet sea level and the shape of the cave is similar to the head of a lizard and people named it to its shape after, “Padat Cave” and later they call it, “Padah-Lin Cave”. The Padah-Lin Cave is located in Palaung and Padah-Lin Cave Wildlife Sanctuary, Ywar Ngan townships, Da Nu autonomous region, Shan State.

Discovery of Padah-Lin Cave

A geologist found the cave in 1961 and the Ministry of Culture had excavated the cave two times, in 1969 and January 2009. U Aung Thaw, archeologist minister, led the team, that is consists of geologists, Anthropologists and Zoologists from Science and Art University (Yangon) and excavated the cave to find stone-age weapons, remains of animals, ash, Red Ochre which were supposed the primitives used to draw, and paintings which were drawn by a primitive human. Some people said that the cave was found by two cowboys from Ywar Ngan Nyaung Chet village, in 1968.

Paintings of Primitive Human

In 1969 excavation, they found stone-age weapons intact and broken totally over 1600 and bone of animals and charcoal, Red Ochre, bone and piece of earthen pots, and over 400 pieces of stone-age weapons were excavated, in 2009. The Red Ochre, which was found in January 1969, supports that it is very obvious the primitive drew the paintings in the cave. Besides, the volume of ash in the cave is 4 feet and it is evident that they made a fire in the cave continuously. Moreover, you can conclude, that the primitive lived there last over 10000 years ago, seeing the ash volume in the cave.

Tunnel No.1 and 2

The Padah-Lin, located above 1000 feet sea-level, has two Tunnel, and they apart from each other only 20 yards. In the cave, there are paintings on the stone wall and many stalactites. Researchers said that tunnel No.1 was a supposedly proper place for the primitives and they might live there.

The cave was continuously dwelled by the ancient human, as stone weapons of Paleolithic and Neolithic were found there, according to the Book, “Pyu” written by Sayar Gyi Chit San Win. The tunnel No.2 is more spacious than No.1 and there are many stalactites inside, and you can take picture them. Moreover, you can see little ponds, with limestone patches, which were formed by liquid dripping from the cave’s wall. You are prohibited from having foods in the cave, let alone drinking alcohol there.

Stone age Paintings on the wall

The pictures of prey drew on the wall of tunnel No.1 were figures of animals from 20000 years ago and now, there are extinct. At the signboard of the ancient research department state that they are palm, fish(Flying squirrels), deer, elephants, Guars, Sun, cows, and wild boars.

However, you can see the only color of pictures and cannot see the figures clearly, because of poor preservation and the dropping of limestone liquid. According to Dr.Than Htun, you can conclude that the primitives, who lived in the cave, were skillful in drawing, as they can use color prudently. You can see palm and animal figures on the biggest stone, that is 80 feet long, 40 feet wide and protrude as if it is the roof, among other stone seven stones together, there.

At the tunnel No.1, it isn’t like in No.2, the pictures are fenced by the barriers and so, you cannot see them closely. Because of some visitors who do not realize the actual value of those pictures, they need to provide such fencing. Those visitors drew aimlessly nonsense figures on the wall with correction and marker pens. Because of such foolish men, although the cave should have enlisted in the heritage list of UNESCO, it is not. Not only in this cave, but also there are many places in Myanmar face such circumstances. Moreover, it should be noted that we should not build stupa whenever found a cave.


The Cupules, which can be metaphorized as Prehistoric Art and rarely found in South East Asia high land, can be found and studied in NO.1 tunnel, in Myanmar.

Robert G.Bednarik, an Australian pre-historian, and cognitive archeologist named it “Cupules” in 2003. The primitive rapped the surface of limestone and formed its cups shape and so, they are Man-made Rock art.

According to the records, more than 1600 stone-age weapons and stone wall paintings were able to preserved and recorded from the cave. As claimed by the Carbon-solid experiment of the research institute of New Claya from New Zealand, which published in the 1970s, charcoal found in Padah-Lin Cave was assumed formed 7740 years ago and the bone carbonate was 6500 years ago and the materials without carbon were 134000 years ago. I had presented as much as I could and if there some facts which contradict, please kindly understand me, I’m just an ordinary writer, not a researcher.

Wildlife Sanctuary

The Wildlife Sanctuary is a kind of foliage forest and in 2003, the Academy of California had discovered new species of lizard and its scientific name is “Cyrtodactyluschrysopylos” and they could document it. Because of illegal loggers and forest arson practices, the ecosystem was destroyed and rarely seen big trees. Moreover, you can’t see little birds anymore, which used to be seen along the way.  

How do you get there?

It is an interesting trip, but you would found it hard practically to go there. There are two routes you can get there, from Ywar Ngan Street, and Mandalay- King Tar Dam. I would like to recommend you the most comfortable route and it is Mandalay-King Tar Dam route. To my knowledge, in the raining season, the Ywar Ngan route is bad and dangerous. On the other hand, the latter route is needed to use a car and boats, but it is more convenient than the Ywar Ngan route.

It is trekking and you need sufficient drinking water and hats to prevent your skin under the blazing sun. In summer, the temperature is so high and forest fire might be so brazing and therefore, I don’t recommend you to go at this time. You can use the Google map app, during your trip. The rental fee for a car is about 100,000 MMK for a group tour. If you hire a light truck, it can reduce cost and maybe 80, 000 MMK or something. It takes you about 3 hours to get King Tar Dam from the Mandalay and the road is ok.

King Tar Port

Reflective and glistering water waves of the dam and gloomy atmosphere of the mountain range are a unique natural picture of King Tar port that is welcoming us. The cooling breeze and beautiful surroundings made us floating in a surreal world and didn’t even notice that we arrived at another bank, although it took us about a half-hour. I would like to ask for not to litter into the dam and don’t drink alcohol on board.

My request

Unfortunately and sadly, many places in Myanmar should have entitled to UNESCO’s heritage list, but there aren’t now, because of poor preservation and negative behavior of people who don’t know the actual value of them. One of the consequences of that situation is that our country is still behind in the travel sector among other countries. Although the related ministry and their intelligentsias are making a great deal of afford to preserve those places, all individuals should know the value of them. It is the beginning of human history and we shouldn’t assume it as an ordinary cave. Therefore, our behaviors must be compatible with the progressive opportunities of the tour sector. Our daily life seems that it does not relate to the macroeconomic of the country and her tour sector, but they are interrelated indirectly. So, it should be a win-win situation and we should care about the valuable places in our country and therefore, we should also preserve those places.

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Padah-Lin Cave
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