Peaceful atmosphere by Botataung Pagoda

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Botataung Pagoda Botataung Pagoda Botataung Pagoda is a famous pagoda in downtown near the Yangon River. Several pagodas and large Big Buddha are enshrined on the floor of wide tiled floor, mainly of golden pagoda about 40m in height. It is rare Pagoda to enter the inside of main Pagoda, so it is as popular as Shwedagon Pagoda and Sule Pagoda in Yangon. The admission fee is 6,000 Kyat for foreigners, Myanmar is free.

Botataung Pagoda Botataung PagodaBotataung Pagoda Pagoda was built by Mon Tribe at the same time as Shwedagon Pagoda 2500 years ago from now. According to the legend in Myanmar, two Myanmar people who went to meet Buddha more than 2000 years ago from now to commemorate the 8 sacred hair brought for souvenir to the place where 1000 warlords came Then Pagoda was built. The meaning of Botataung is 1000 warlords, so this historical event is the origin of the name "Botataung". In World War II, it was destroyed by bombing, but it was rebuilt in 1948 after the war.

Botataung Pagoda Botataung Pagoda Botataung Pagoda There is a cavity in the room of gold leaf which is full of gold in the premises of Pagoda, and it houses what is believed to be sacred hair of Buddha.

Botataung Pagoda In one corner of Pagoda, "Bobo Gyi god" pointing to the front is enshrined, God who will immediately grant anything if it wishes one. It is the most popular in this Pagoda and a long queue is made from front of the God.

Botataung Pagoda Botataung Pagoda It is very spacious inside the premises, relaxing in the Pagoda and buildings, praying, etc. It is also recommended to have a relaxing time in a majestic and peaceful atmosphere.
[Fare] 6,000Kyat
[Open hours] 9:00-20:00

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Peaceful atmosphere by Botataung Pagoda
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