Ancient Treasure from Southern Silk Road Exhibition

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Today, every society faces generation gap to some extent but the olds should share their valuable experiences with the youths and vice versa, the latter also should share the ICT technology, which is familiar to them. In this way, we can construct a better world, in which everyone can be interrelated in positive ways.

Let’s explore the ancient culture and lifestyle. I had attended an event, “Ancient Treasure from Southern Silk Road Exhibition”, which was held at the secretariat office Yangon, on February 8th. Before holding the event at the secretariat office, it was held in the Sedona Hotel, which was attended by the chief minister of Yangon. You can read about it here.

I had got an opportunity to learn the artworks which were created in the Ta Kong era, a period which was emerged before Christ. By examining the utensils that were displaying as it were the manufacturing of BC 700-200, at the event and you can assume that there was a period, called Sa Mone era was prospered at the territory of Burma before Burmese had settled. I had seen some glassware and it is obvious that glass production was also discovered at this period.  

The displaying glass items are arranged to show gradual progressiveness of artisanship, and so, it is concrete evidence of high civilization in ancient Myanmar. Moreover, you can see some regional traditional beliefs and customs of many years ago, by examining the excavated bracelets, necklaces, and ancient items.

For example, they used the little elephant figures as adorable necklaces. Therefore, we can make an intellectual guess that the religious matter of ancient humans was related to the elephant. Furthermore, I had found that they used some amulets for proper reincarnation. A thought happened to me that if you are profoundly interested in the history subject, you should also study ancient things.

Those evidence of ancient Myanmar’s lifestyle will be exhibited at the cultural museums of neighboring countries, periodically, by Mr. Terry Tan, who is an honorable Gemologist of Myanmar and we can be proud of it. We can be proud of ourselves, as a nation, which has a great historical background.

The event was attended by communities of Singapore’s Embassy, government officers and it was sponsored by “NIPPON STEAL KOWA REAL ESTATE Company and Asia Business Solution. Our MingalaGo also contributed to this event as an online Media.

We, MingalaGO had uploaded also a clip of documentary video of the event. The MingalaGo had documented the event pretty well, and it would be some kind of remembrance to all of us after the Covid-19 outbreak was eradicated.   

Organized by: Mr. Terry Tan (NGO Saving Myanmar Treasures)
Supported by: Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Date: 8th Feb 2020
Venue: The Secretariat

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Ancient Treasure from Southern Silk Road Exhibition
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