LIFE & WORK - Looking for a comfortable workplace - (vol.1: Cafe at Downtown of Yangon)

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Nowadays, the number of business people who travel around the world with a personal computer in hand is increasing, and the number of foreigners who come to Myanmar for business trip is increasing every year. There are also people who live their best way of life as nomad workers, such as traveling and working. This will be the first step to introduce a comfortable workplace for such business people.

The first café is @ Yangon downtown area!


Café Salween

The first café I want to introduce is the Café Salween, located at Urban Asia Center, Mahabandula Road (Between 47th and 48th Street). This is a very peaceful café with woody making and houseplants. Local young people like geeks working on computers, and foreigners studying for Myanmar language with Myanmar people, are crowded every day. If you love coffee, the local specialty coffee is also available there and I think it will be the good choice if you want to drink good coffee in the downtown area. Although Wi-fi environment is not so good, they offer the power supply in any seat. That's why it is recommended for the people who need to work on their laptop for a long time. It is a kind of café which made you feel like "The Third Wave Coffee".
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Kafe in Town

This is a cute café with a pop taste. I see a group of local girls and a couple, so it seems to be popular among the younger generation. The room is quite spacious and there also have much spaces between the seats, so you can work comfortably here. There are plenty of drinks starting from 2,000 Kyats for varieties choices of coffee and café latte, and there also have plenty choices for food, so it's a good place to visit for lunch or dinner. They don't provide for the power outlet but the Wi-Fi is very good, so it is the best café for working with the internet.
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Rangoon Tea House

The Rangoon Tea House, which is often listed in Myanmar's tourist guides, can be ordered by adjusting the sweetness of myanmar traditional sweet tea "La-Pat-Yay" and you can order by adjusting the amount & density of milk. It is good to try a sweet "La-Pat-Yay" after using a computer for a long time and get tired.
It is open from 7:00 in the morning till 12:00 in the evening. The café is usually busy with many foreign tourists at the dinner time, and they offer varieties kind of foods including Myanmar dishes.
Store Information:

Pan Pacific Café

Pan Pacific Café is located on the ground floor of Junction City, next to the Pan Pacific Hotel. It is a very beautiful café with a refined and gorgeous atmosphere, the space between the seats is wide and the ceiling is very high, and it is especially recommended to those who want to work leisurely. There are a lot of foreigners since it is located next to the hotel. The speed of Wi-Fi is also very fast compared to other café, and the video call can be smooth without any stress at all. The power outlets can be found in some places where you can charge so you don't have to worry about running out of the battery. Coffee and Cappuccino are around 5,000 Kyats and which can be say it is  reasonably priced as a fancy café.


El Café

El Café is located at Bo Ywe Road (between 22nd and 23rd Streets). The café is located in the middle of downtown area and that area is always very crowded but the interior is small and quiet. That's why it is a good place where you can concentrate your work. Some seats are near to the power outlet for charging, Wi-Fi environment is good to surf on the net or send the email without any problems. Drinks such as coffee are around 2,000 Kyats, and Myanmar cuisines are also around 2,000 Kyats, which is reasonably priced.

That's it for the café @ Downtown Yangon!

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LIFE & WORK - Looking for a comfortable workplace - (vol.1: Cafe at Downtown of Yangon)
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Pan Pacific Café is one of the fastest wifi spots in Yangon

All of these Cafe are very useful location for business persons and Nomad workers. Especially, Pan Pacific Café has very speedy wifi. When I stay there, I could watch Youtube most of time. It didn't care about data signaling rate. Also coffee and cake is so nice. Then it is located in Junction City so after working at there, we can go shopping easily;)
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