My Hometown Called Myeik

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Myeik, located in the extreme south of Myanmar, is getting popular in these years and there are nearly over 8000 islands near Myeik. Yet the tourism management is not well developed but perhaps I’ll settle down there when I’m old. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Myeik so I have decided to go there and set out immediately after ESCAPERS 17 event. It’s kind of boring at my home at Myeik because nobody’s there but my hometown is still snuggling for me as always. People first imagine such as Virgin Island and beaches when it comes to Myeik. There are over 800 islands between Myeik and Kawt Thaung. Islands near Kawt Thaung are more beautiful and have bigger waves. Anyway, I want to describe mainly about Myeik in this blog.


Myeik is a city on the coast of an island on the Andaman Sea. Many years ago. It was called Mar-Eyik but later it became Myeik, also known as Bate.

How to Get There

There are three options to go to Myeik from Yangon.

(1) - Myanmar National Airline flies twice a day and passengers can book for the date themselves or can contact the ticket agents. I flew with Myanmar National Airline for a round trip and ticket prices start at 68K kyats. There are also other airlines such as Apex Airline and Yadanarbon Airline.

(2) - You can also travel with Express Buses but it might take like 20 hours to get there from Yangon. Bus ticket prices are around 25K kyats. I personally recommend Star Ticket-Myanmar Bus Ticket to order and book bus tickets and their website is

(3) - Traveling by Speed Boat will be the last option. I am not quite sure that Speed Boat Service is still available or not but You are going to get to Myeik from Yangon within a day with Speed Boat.

Accommodation Guide

I am describing these hotels only for the information. As for me, I won’t recommend any hotel services because I stay at my home.

High Class Hotels

Pearl Thanda Hotel - 09254027691, 059142126
Eain Taw Phyu Hotel - 05942055, 05942056
Grand Jade Hotel - 05941906, 05942084


Middle Class Hotels

Myint Moh Hotel - 09765005641, 09765005642
Mya See Sein Hotel - 05941272, 05942572
Kyal Pyan Hotel - 05942135, 098762953


Budget Guest Houses

Myeil Royal Guest House - 09790190208
Sun Guest House - 0941004824, 098761522

City Tour

You could rent a car for City tour and you can get further information from your hotel or a travel & tour organization. Car Rental Service will cost you around 30k to 50k per day. You can also look around with a motorcycle if you could ride and it will cost you around 10k per day. Around the town, you could go to…

1. Lay Kyun Se Mee Thein Taw Gyi Pagoda

It’s an ancient pagoda which was made devotional offering with the eyetooth of Buddha. You could watch the sunset over the pagoda and it’s very fascinating. Furthermore, you should also explore the ancient museum.

2. Ancient Colony Buildings

There’s a haunted house near Thein Taw Gyi Pagoda. You should go straight from there and there’s the Ancient Buildings near Zay Tan quarter, Kan Khaung quarter and Myit Ma quarter.

3. Paw Taw Mu Pagoda

It’s located at the golf course near Myeik airport. You can also take photographs at the golf course.

4. Taw Kyaung

Taw Kyaung is one of the ancient monasteries there in Myeik. There are many antique architecture designs that were favored by Thailand King’s daughter. It is said that she has been there twice.

5. Yin Ngay waterfall

It’s situated on the way to Kawt Thaung and Tanintharyi. You will have to drive for 40 minutes from Myeik. It’s only a small waterfall but you can play water there as much as you want.

6. Kywal Kuu Kyout Phyar Bridge

This is the bridge at Myeik entrance and you should go for an airing in the evening there.

7. Mahar Theiddhi Zaya Pagoda

This pagoda was built as the image of Shwe Dagon Pagoda and it is only 20 minutes motorcycle drive from the city.

8. Kan Gyi Yay Kan Paung Lake

Lake with many water hyacinth and lotus where you should go for a walk in the early morning.

9. Pha Yar Gyi Street

There are many antique pagodas and monasteries there along the street. I am sure it will be worth going. I couldn’t go there as it was under maintenance while I was there.

10. Pyi Lone Chan Thar Gabar Lone Pagoda

It is pretty close to Mahar Theiddhi Zaya Pagoda. You can see many fields and beautiful sunset over this pagoda.

  • 11. Chinese Communal Temple

There are three temples there: one near Sate Ngel quarter, one near Tat Pyin quarter and one near the College.

  • 12. Myeik Pearl

One of the main products from Myeik is pearls and you can see the pearls at a store from Myeik’s market and also at a store from Zay Tan quarter.

  • 13. Bayin G Church

It is the church built with Portugal architecture designs and there is a hill regarded as the wall from an antique house that the governor stayed.

  • 14. Wit Tite Monastery and Buu Bayar Monastery

There are usually Lion Statues at the entrance of the monasteries in Myanmar but in the case of these monasteries, Japanese Military Police statues took place at the entrance.

  • 15. Bayar Kai Hill

It’s located between Kan Paung Yoe quarter and Myeik Taung quarter. There is Yat Taw Mu Pagoda near there and you can see the view of Myeik at its best.

  • 16. Ngat Thite House (The Nest House)

Nests shouldn’t be forgotten when it comes to Myeik since it produces the best quality nest from Myanmar.  It is located at Kan Nar Road and you can ask for permission to enter there if you like.

  • 17. Hlay Daunt

This is the place where the ships are made and it is situated at Kywal Kuu quarter.

  • 18. Shin Ga Sein

This place is located at Kyouk Phyar village which is a bit over Kywel Kuu. Transportation is not pretty good there but you will see the worth travelling sunset from there.

  • 19. Local Businesses

You can also explore around the local businesses such as freshwater/eatable snails and clams’ production, soft crabs husbandry and many more.

  • 20. Shwe Yinn Taung Pagoda

This is the pagoda figured with many ancient architecture designs and located on the way to Kawt Thaung city and Tanintharyi City which is 45 minutes’ drive away from Myeik.

  • 21. Pahtaw Pahtat Mountain

This is the island with two mountains and you could see that island from the east side of Thein Taw Gyi. You can go there with boats. You can go trekking to the mountain in case you want to enjoy the view of Myeik.

There are also some pagodas on the mountain and plus you can explore the Local Businesses there. There is Hlyaung Taw Mu Shwe Thar Hlyaung Pagoda which is also called Shin Mayin Thar since it is located between the two mountains. It is said that a well-known fable called Three Siblings was derived from the history of these mountains.
If you want to see sunset, I recommend you to go to Shin Ka Sein Pagoda, Thein Taw Gyi Pagoda, and the hill near Kywal Kuu Bridge or Kan Nar Road.

Food Guide

A kind of fried noodle (which we called Kat Kyee Kite in Burmese) is the most well-known local food and it’s a must when you visit to Myeik and there are many fried noodle shops all over the town and you could enjoy whenever you want to.
My personal favorite restaurants are Kyan Taw, the restaurant near Eain Phyu Taw Hotel on Kan Phyar Road, the restaurant from Phayar Koe Su Street and Maung Win restaurant near number (1) High School.
If you want to eat Dim Sum and Kat Kyee Kite as breakfast, I urge you to go to Mate Sat restaurant on Kan Phyar Myay Ni street.
If you would like to eat Chicken Salad and Rice as breakfast, there is a restaurant in Htar Wel Su A street and one near Kayarni headlights. Go to Myit Ngel market for Mont T Hlaw and Khout Swel Hlaw and there is one near Kan Phyar school.
If you want Myanmar Cuisine as lunch, I recommend these restaurants named Pan Ingyin on Htar Wel Su (B) street and Ashae Ywar restaurant at Shan Kyaung.
If you would love the coconut snacks around 2 or 3 PM, go to Myit Ngel market and you will see every kind of coconut snack such as Ar Pone, Thar Khway Yine, Pel Sae Oan Noat which are all Myanmar traditional snacks.

The next one is Ya Thar Sone restaurant near number (1) High School where you can get all kinds of snacks during breakfast and lunchtimes. Don’t forget to try the famous Myeik fried vegetable rolls near there. You can get Pork Vinegar in the evening at Tat Pyin and Shan Kyaung. Coconut Rice and Chicken Curry is also worth trying when you are at Shan Kyaung by any chance. Myeik Mont Hin Khar and Mont T Thanet near Gone Yone is also a must too.
For the dinner, I would like to recommend Pin Lel May restaurant near Aye Yeik Chaung, Shwe Hnin Si restaurant at Kyan Taw and a restaurant called Hong Kong Kitchen at the mall. Make sure to try seafood and beer there. Some nice street food shops near Bo Gyoke statue are Shat Thi Kin and Karaweik Kyay-Oh.

There is also good coffee at Goody Cafe and you can even enjoy the sea view and sunset in the evening. There are plenty of shops where you can drink beer at Kan Nar Road. The shops are not far from each other so you can just move to another one if you are not getting enough of the night. There are also shops for Mont Pyit S Let and Khout Mont near the clock tower.  Sanda-Wit shop is popular for Ar Pone snack and the restaurant in the Phayar Koe Su for Kwae T Yo and Yoe Da Yar Mont Hin Khar is the best. Let me stop here about the restaurants as I might be mentioning nearly the whole town.

Island Hopping

I have done writing an article which was mainly focused on Island hopping. Click the link and you will see the rest of it.
[Package tour]

Nearby Towns

Pu Law Town

It is 3 hours’ drive from Myeik and there are Phoe Shan Beach, Mee Hlyan Chaung Waterfall, Set Taw Yar Pagoda, etc…

Tanintharyi Town

It is 2 hours’ drive from Myeik and you can also get there by speed boat. You can go to Tha Ya Bwin Hill. You can ride a boat along the Tanintharyi River and explore ancient pagodas.


Kyun Su Town

It is 1hour speed boat drive from Myeik and there are Nawarat Lake, Kan Thone Sint Lake, Myoh Win Pagoda and so on. Speed boats set out at 6:00 A.M and get back from there at 4:00 P.M.

Souvenirs from Myeik

Various Dried Fishes such as Ngar Pote Chout and dried cuttlefish fried sticky rice (Kout Nyin Pyit), Mont Kalar Mel and the nest (Ngat Thite). You can get all of these at Mikko near Kyan Taw.
It’s nearly everything about Myeik so let me please stop here. Last but not least, keep your environment clean, don’t throw litter everywhere and try to be a responsible traveler. Regards.

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My Hometown Called Myeik
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