Are Myanmar people superstitious?

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Not every Myanmar but some in rural areas are superstitious. Every culture has its own superstitions. It is interesting in some ways. I will mention some of Myanmar.

Superstitions in Myanmar

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Some most common superstitions are found in rural people. These are some.

Don’t play with the scissors. It will make your parents fight.

Don’t keep broken glasses or mirrors in houses. That will bring back luck to the family member.

Don’t cut nails at night. It leads to misfortune. In the same way, throw away the nails outside your house after the nail cut.

Don’t across the ladder and the rope hanging women skirts or Longyi. It will lose your will power.

Don’t hit pots and pans. You will face starvation.

Don’t play hide and seeks after sunset. The devil will hide the hiders forever.

Don’t buy the raw meat late at night. The ghost will follow to your home.

Don’t let the kids go out late at night, the ghost will possess them.

Don’t pick the flowers or leaves late at night, the ghost will come to your house.

If your family members are not good in health, free birds and fishes. That will make a speedy recovery.

Superstitions on some occasions

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You have to be aware of some auspicious occasions like birth, marriage, engagements. When a woman has given birth it is all right to give her gifts for a baby. But never give before baby’s birth as some are superstitious that it will bring back luck to a baby.

The color black is considered to be unlucky to wear in wedding and engagement. In the same way, don’t wear a bright color to the funeral. Moreover, some don’t wash their hair within a week after a funeral.

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Like other countries, a lot of superstitions exist in Myanmar. Some people believe in astrology, palmistry, and horoscope. People take a piece of advice from fortune-tellers for marriage, naming a baby, and before making an important decision. Believe it or not, you can still find the famous astrologer in Myanmar. Moreover, in Myanmar history Kings even took advice from astrologers and fortune-tellers for making important decisions for the country.

But mostly in Theravada Buddhism, people do believe in Karma as Doing good deeds will bring you good luck and doing bad effects as you do. Buddha freely let you know good and bad. As the doctrine of Buddha the common prohibited five rules for Buddhists are not to commit murder, theft, lie, adultery and not to drink alcohol.

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Are Myanmar people superstitious?
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