TEXAS BAR -As if you were in Texas-

2019-08-29edit Yamone

As if you were in Texas,
America, you would be submerged emotionally in the décor of a bar and you can also have and try delicious European Foods and cuisines at reasonable prices there.
If you want to experience mention above, I would like to introduce a bar, which was opened recently, and it is called the Texas Bar.  
You would see the decoration of the Bar is so classy and it would be the favorites of Rockers. Most of the materials, such as lamp, ashtray and many utensils which were ornamented and used at the bar were ordered from the US directly.

The bar has three floors and you can kill leisure time in breezing evening air, outside of the bar. For those, who want to savor the night view of the Mandalay city, there is a rooftop bar.

Moreover, it is suitable for the guests who are avid photography lovers, as the theme of the bar is so cool and on the other hand, Wi-Fi is also a secure and high-quality service. At night, they lit dim light what makes the bar as a perfect place for the couples who want romantic time.

For couples, the bar can create romantic evenings. Moreover, if you want to celebrate your birthday with your buddies, it can also be conveniently possible at the Texas Bar.  
While I had visited the bar, I had savored Mexican fried chicken and beefsteak. Mexican fried chicken is so crispy, and meat is soft and tasty.  It is the most delicious fried chicken which I had ever eaten. The Beefsteak is moderate and it is neither too rare nor overcooked. So I would like to recommend the guests to try the beefsteak.  

The décor of the bar gives you the feeling of Texas and many more authentic tastes would be real for you to savor as they serve also Cowboy cuisines. Moreover, fresh natural beverages can be available there and you can also sip various cocktail. At a Cowboy bar, you can try US Beer, Lost Coast.

As a dessert, you can have delicious US ice-cream at the Texas Bar.

If you want to have nice time with your friends or family members, at the weekend, it is TEXAS BAR where you can enjoy a special occasion in a carefree mood.


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TEXAS BAR -As if you were in Texas-
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