Myanmar's Kason-Nyaung yay-Thoon festival

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Every country and people in the world have their traditional ceremonies and traditional festivals. We can see that those festivals are still carried on yearly with no delays till today.

 Myanmar is recognized as a country of festivals by people around the world. Among all of the festivals in Myanmar,Kasone Festival is particularly mysterious and it is a blissful festival. Kasone festival falls in May.Kasone Festival has been celebrated since ancient Myanmar Kings' times. Kasone is the second month of Myanmar's twelve months of the year. The main importance of Kasone Festival is the banyan tree.

Photo - A bayan tree, in the precinct of Shwe Hmaw Tin Stupa(Hmawbe), where is used to crowded with people of Kasone festival 

If you look around carefully when visiting pagodas in Myanmar, there is at least one banyan tree in each pagoda. The reason why the banyan tree is of importance in the Kasone Festival is that the banyan tree is one of the things that supported Buddha in becoming a Peerless Benefactor of Humanity. And that is why Kasone full-moon day is called Buddhist holy day. On that day not only adults but also teenagers throw water to the banyan tree in pagodas. This tradition seems to have started in Bagan and Inwa periods. During the Inwa period, the king himself led the others in arranging and celebrating the Kasone Festival.

Photo- A yogi, who is confronting the hot kasone season with natural cane juice 

Buddhists believe that throwing water to the banyan tree on the Kasone full-moon day is a way of replenishing our demeritorious deeds, and we also believe that by staking the branches of banyan trees with bamboos, we will have a longer life-span.

Photo - Kasone festival view at the precinct of Shwe Da Gone Stupa

The celebration of Kasone festival in Myanmar's most famous Shwedagon Pagoda is lively.

Visitors who come to the Kasone Festival are also given free drinks to replenish their tiredness. Tourists from around the world also come to the festival in amazement and took photos of monks and people of all age groups taking part in the festival. Also during the Kasone month, the weather is fine the mountain regions and, the wind is still and storms are clear in coastal regions. That is why I want to suggest that those regions are the best option to travel to during the Kasone month.


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Myanmar's Kason-Nyaung yay-Thoon festival
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