Kayin Kayin State is located in the South Eastern Myanmar. Kayin State is bordered by Thailand to the east, Mon State and Bago division to the west and South, and Kayan and Shan State to the North. It belongs to lime stone caves, hills and mountains. Some rivers and creeks are flowing from south to north due to the mountains. The longest river of the country, called Thanlwin river cuts across the Kayin State. Other rivers are Thaung Yinn River, Gyaing and Attran rivers.



The majority of the inhabitants are Kayin. Besides Kayin, Mons, Bamar, PaO, Karenni(Kayan), and Shan are residing in the Kayin State. Kayin have its own literature and culture. Majority of the people are Buddhists. There are also Christians, Muslims and Hindus in the Kayin State.


Kayin Don Dance

Kayin internationalartistsutica.com Kayin Don Dance is famous as its traditional dance. The dance involves a line of men and a line of women moving in unison to accompanying music. They sing while dancing and music is played by Kayin traditional instruments.


Kayin Bamboo Dance

Kayin Kayin Bamboo Dance is also a well known dance of Kayin People. It is similar to the Chin Bamboo Dance. A bamboo latticework is laid on the ground and people make quick steps in and out. It needs timing and the participants have to be skillful. We can see this dance at the ceremonies of the state and Kayin New Year festivals.


Karen New Year Festival

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Not only Kayin Christians but also Kayin Buddhists celebrate the Kayin New Year Festival. It has been celebrated since 1938. The New Year comes on the first day of Pyar Tho, as they use lunar calendar. In this festival, people wear traditional costumes and held ceremonies in every state, especially in the capital Hpa an. The largest ceremony is held in Hpaan where dance groups throughout the state participate in the traditional dance competition.


Capital of the Kayin State, Hpa-an

Kayin Hpa_An is the Capital of the Kayin State. It has an estimated population of 421,525 and Most of the people residing in Hpa_an are Karen Ethnic group. HpaAn is the small town and the nearest education center for the students throughout the state. Hpa-an computer university, Education Collage, Nursing Training School, Technological university and Hpa an university are there.


Mount Zwegabin

Kayin One of the travel destinations of Kayin state in Hpa An is the Mount Zwegabin, around 722 meters above sea level. It is the highest point in the region and you can see the view of the state. The terrain around the Zwegabin is flat to the north to west but hilly to the South East.


Chit Thu Myaing Park

Kayin It was recently opened and popular among the local people. The park is usually crowded with the visitors in holidays. Some kinds of water sport are available. Moreover, state shows and lighting festivals are held too.


Myawaddi, Economic City of Kayin State

Kayin The city is known as the main border post between Thailand and Myanmar. It is the trade through the Mae Sot to Myawaddy and is the second biggest trading post of Myanmar. Myawaddi is the busiest city of Kayin state and always crowded with people trading the goods in the border. Numbers of visitors are increased in these years after the new Asia Highway road is opened. Especially in public holidays, visitors from throughout the country come and visit to Myawaddi and Mae Sot.


How to get to the Kayin State

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Normally, it takes 8 hrs driving from the City of Yangon. Yangon-Mawlamyine-Hpa-an highway is the most common way among visitors. There are highway buses from Yangon, Mawlamyine to Hpa an, Myawaddi and other towns. You can go there by boats too. Than Lwin River is the major transport route.


When to visit Kayin State

Kayin Generally there are two types of seasons in Kayin State; the winter dry season and the combination of summer and wet season. It is suitable to go during November to February; the winter dry season of the year. For exploring pagodas, villages, caves and trekking, this season is the most suitable.


Kayin Traditional Food

Tarlapot Hinn

Kayin A dish of Kayin people, Tarlapot Hinn is the most popular food of the state. It is the most ancient curry of the Kayin people and is still popular. The taste and cooking style is different according to the states. Some eats as a soup and some eat as a curry with pork. Try this curry when in Kayin state. Every Kayin woman can cook Tarlapot Hinn as their own style.


Kayin Sakaw Htamin

Kayin Kayin Sakaw Htamin is one of the signature dishes you must try. You can get the various tastes in one dish; sweet, spicy, salty and sour. It makes you to have deliciously.


Fish Paste “Ngapi”

Kayin An essential bowl in daily meal is Ngapi. There are a lot of dishes which use “Ngapi” as a main ingredient. It is more popular in lower Burmese cooking. Kayin people eats Ngapi as a soup based (boiled Ngapi) mixed with large green chilli and garlic. They usually eat with vegetables and some can eat rice only with Ngapi.



Kayin Kayin State is also known as the farming state. Besides the trading business, agriculture is the main economy. Paddy, coffee and Ruber plantations are found in the state. There are 460,000 acres of paddy fields, 260,000 acres of Ruber tree and over 9000 acres of coffee land in Thandaung area. Moreover, peas, beans, ground nut, sesame, tea are cultivated.


Beauty of Kayin State

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